Thursday, December 27, 2007

CHRC Meets Benny Hill: Drumsaremybeat v. I'm not kidding



Drumsaremybeat v. I’m not kidding

Bored? Than tune into the Canadian Human Rights Commission’s wacky efforts to identify chat board hater “Drumsaremybeat” while simultaneously protecting the identity of complainant “”! And be sure to have the appropriate background music playing. (Benny Hill soundtrack)

And you thought attempts to criminalize Catholic belief were crazy. Just you wait until the intrepid minds at the CHRC take up the cause of sugartits6969 in her legal crusade against message board meanie longDONGyoyo47. Won’t that be worth every penny of the Chief human rights Commissioner’s taxpayer-billed 454 dollar lunches and all the other assorted CHRC expenses?


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