Thursday, December 27, 2007

Canadian "Human Rights" Commission finds promotion of "Hate" by RCMP - No Problem

Canadian “Human Rights” Commission finds promotion of “Hate” by RCMP - No Problem

CHRC proceeds only against White working-class victims

On August 14th, 2006, the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) found that there was no problem with officers from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police sending messages that would "likely expose" First Nations persons and White persons to hatred and/or contempt, contrary to section 13(1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act.

Some of the hate messaging by RCMP officers include:

  • "curb-stomping Whities," slapping women and shaking babies.”
  • “The RCMP is always chasing me/Cause I’m a smelly fucking native and I can’t even see”,
  • “The RCMP's always chassing me, cause I stole six cases of Mr. Clean. The RCMP's always chasing me / because I stink”

This decision comes on a heels of a August 10th, 2006, ruling by the Canadian Human Rights Commission to allow officers from the Edmonton Police to post hate messages on the Stormfront.Org website. Included in those posts by an Edmonton Police Officer were: “how can u hold the little redskin responsible he's only an animal...” and “With any luck they will end up like the nogs in the states who predominantly kuill each other.”

The Canadian “Human Rights” Commission never bothered to conduct a proper investigation or even contact the RCMP for their side of the complaint. Instead, the complaint was swept under the rug. Unlike White working class individuals who the CHRC obsessively harass with a vengeance, the RCMP are not the preferred targets of the politically correct enforcers.

Acting like typical anti-freedom dictators, Marc Lemire hit a road block at every turn while trying to file the complaint. It took almost a dozen e-mails and faxes to get any action from the Commission, including a letter that had to be written to the head of the CHRC. Contrast that to the treatment other complainants have received which includes the Commission even writing up the complaint for them! In my case, the complaint was returned because Dean Steacy – "Human Rights" Investigator - claims it was “double-sided” even though it had been faxed!

The real reason the CHRC doesn't’ want to accept my complaint is because they are only interested in persecuting working-class whites with limited or no means of being able to defend themselves. .

Of the 30 or more cases involving infractions of Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act (hate messaging) every single one of them involves a respondent that is: White, working-class, and with no means to properly defend themselves. Starting with John Ross Taylor, Tony Macleer, Marc Lemire, Melissa Guille, Eldon Warman, Fred Kyburz and every single person EVER brought before a tribunal has been white, poor and with limited resources.

The Canadian Human Rights Commission is not impartial. Instead, it is motivated by an anti-Majority political agenda. It refuses to accept complaints against police promoting hate, has yet to respond to repugnant Gangsta rap and ignores sites that promote hatred against Majority groups such as Whites and Christians, The makes a farce of the CHRC supposed mandate of fighting "racism" and "discrimination."

What is the Canadian "Human Rights" Tribunal?

The Canadian "Human Rights" Tribunal at previous hearings has ruled:

-Truth is no defence

-Intent is no defence

-Fair comment is no defence

In fact there are ZERO defences available!

-Any evidence is allowed (hearsay, double hearsay)

-It does not need to show any proof of actual harm caused by the things that have generated complaints.

-The standard of proof is very low and is based on a “balance of probabilities,” not “beyond a reasonable doubt” as is in a criminal cases.

The Canadian "Human Rights" Tribunal can:

  • Issue a Cease and Desist (C&D) order:

An order that is enforceable by the Federal Court of Canada. The C&D order can be very broad and literally silence the person against whom it was issued. If disobeyed, the individual can face up to FIVE years in Prison (Federal court Rules – Rule 472) [John Ross Taylor spent one year in jail

  • Assess fines and award “special compensation” to the complainant:

-Fines: Can award up to $10,000 in penalties [Sec 53(3)]

-“Special Compensation”: Up to $20,000 to compensate "victim" [Sec 60(f)]

-Up to $20,000 for “willful or reckless discrimination” [Sec 60(g)]

-All fines have outrageous interest rates applied if not paid immediately

Stand up and help us fight the Canadian Human rights Commission and expose its anti-Majority agenda! Don't let it take away our democratic right to free expression.